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Sthira-sukham asanam. - Yoga Sutra 2.46

(The yoga posture is stable and comfortable.)

Each yoga posture, requires a specific combination of breath, strength, and focus. Too much or too little of one element and the balance is lost. Your health isn't any different. It requires an ever-changing combination of nourishing elements to maintain balance.

My personal journey on and off the mat began completely imbalanced. I was nourishing my addictions and feeding my disordered eating habits. After years of abuse, my body started to revolt and I ended up with migraines, numbness and loss of sensation in my right hand and arm, dysfunctional digestion which included bloating, stabbing pain, diarrhea, constipation, and gas. All of this contributed to high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Years of relying on 21 day diets alongside restrictive and often punishing behaviors had disconnected me from my body and left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  I figured because I was eating vegetables and was moderately active, I was doing okay. But I had poor sleep patterns and was constantly hungry from undereating, which would then cause uncontrollable binge episodes, which would then cause guilt, shame and more deprivation.  I was on a hamster wheel of self destruction.

Starve. Binge. Guilt. Shame. Rinse and repeat.

I was frustrated and sick and tired of being sick and tired. At that time, I was living in Taiwan, and had become curious about ancient medicine and healing modalities. In an attempt to rid myself of the physical pain I was suffering, I started to explore TCM, acupuncture, yoga,  Ayurveda, breath work and meditation.  Noticing that food can help one person and harm another, prompted me to create my own way of eating based on what felt good in my body. Yoga and meditation began to quiet my mind for brief periods of time. I started to reconnect to my body and I began to listen.

I  realized that there was a voice within that didn't use words to speak: my intuition. I let this inner voice grow louder and the message was clear: balance would bring me peace

My thirst for knowledge was insatiable and I began to formally study yoga, meditation, nutrition, and mindfulness. I formulated the base ingredients for my Recipe for Success:

Move. Breathe. Fuel. Rest. 

As I began to share this with others, I discovered that these basics work for everyone but that the quantities and methods will be unique to each individual. I began to integrate mindfulness into every aspect of my life. I trusted the deep sense of knowing that came from within- I began to live intuitively. 

Intuitive living creates a balanced, stress-free existence that is adaptable to everyone at every stage of life. We all have the opportunity to create our own recipe for success, but it can often feel overwhelming. I support my clients on their wellness journey to find balance where they need it: on the plate, on the mat, and everywhere in between. 

Your recipe for success will be unique,

because there is no one else just like you. 

I'll support you as you navigate your health and wellness challenges and guide you to find your inner voice so that you can determine the ingredients to create your perfect recipe. I'll help you nourish every part of your being so you can glow.

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