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Finding Food Freedom

Learn to live intuitively as you embody mindfulness on & off the plate.

  • Ended
  • 3 month course
  • Online

Service Description

Living a life controlled by food is exhausting. The rules are always changing: eat this, don't eat that, eat at this time, don't eat at that time, eat less, eat more, carbs/no carbs, dairy/no dairy... For most of my life, I relied heavily on 21 day programs, diets and restrictive eating patterns that were created by someone and else and were 'guaranteed' to fix me. It took me years to realize that 1) I wasn't broken and 2) eating didn't have to be stressful. Total health is the state of complete harmony of body, mind and spirit. Finding Food Freedom is about learning to nourish yourself on and off the plate. I use an integrative approach to coaching using yoga, breathwork and mindfulness tools curated specifically for you so that you can begin to break free from old patterns that aren't serving you any longer. Learn to heal your relationship with food, and yourself. Throughout our 12 sessions, I'll guide you to implement these tools so that you can move from restriction to freedom. Together, we will say goodbye to feelings of shame and guilt around eating and you'll learn to trust your intuition around hunger and fullness. Tune in. Slow down. Trust. Direct message me to set up your Chai Chat (free 60 min consultation) so we can discuss if working together is a good fit.

Contact Details

1 587 591 4573

22 Hazel Street

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